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Are you looking to put an addition on your house? Move a wall and create that open concept? Install a granny flat? Put in your dream pool?

We want to give you a general idea of the process to create a seamless workflow for your project.

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Phase 1

Architectural Design

You have a couple of options here. Even if you’re not looking to create an articulate, beautiful new space that belongs in a magazine, you’ll still need a design for submission to the City of San Diego, or your local governing body.

A designer will guide you, the client, to getting your ideas for the space on paper. You can use our in-house designer, you can bring in your own architect, or we can help you find the right architect for your project. Ultimately, the formal  architectural plans will be submitted to the City together with the structural plans and calculations.

Phase 2


An engineer (that’s us!) will then do all the calculations and physics to make sure your proposal works with your existing structure and meets current code. Once  the design is finalized between the client and designer/architect, and the engineering calculations package is complete, the plans then get submitted to the City. All together, these are known as the Construction Documents.

Phase 3

City Submission & Review

Depending on the location of your project, you may be required to apply for approval by local review boards or community planning organizations as well. At the City, the plans are reviewed by the City engineers. They’re held to current code standards. The engineering team will work with your architect or designer to make any necessary changes until it meets approval and a building permit is issued. This phase can take anywhere up to several weeks depending on the City’s timeline and current burden of projects.

Phase 4


Now you can move forward with a contractor to complete your project. If you don’t have one, we can help refer you to the right team for your project. Questions that come up on site get referred back to the engineer as a Request For Information (RFI). We will work directly with your subcontractors to ensure your structure meets the aesthetic and structural requirements to provide you a top quality structure.


Engineers spend hours perfecting your design and making sure the calculations support the structure, to ensure your project will withstand additional weight you may not foresee at the start, wind, runoff, earthquakes and more. They make sure the structure meets the current building codes, of which California has the strictest in the US. We typically work together with your designer to provide you either an hourly or project based quote, based on your preference. An estimate for each project costs depends on the scope and location of the project. We take into account whether you’ll use your own designer or ours, the existing structure (plans and stability), the soils/geography, any unique water runoff issues, etc. Since every project is different, we’ll need some information about the project and can then provide you a bid. We always take into account the client’s preferences, goals, and budget.

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